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Denise: Threes of Me 5 December 2010

This is going around Facebook as a note. We thought it’d be fun to post it here, too. 😀

Three Nicknames
(That’s it, and only a few people call me that. Never had a nickname.)

Three Jobs I’ve had in my Life
Bookseller @BN
Grocery store Cashier

Three Places I have Lived
Philadelphia, PA
Tempe, AZ
Phoenix, AZ

Three Favorite Drinks
Sweet Tea
Margarita – on the rocks, no salt
Pinot Noir

Three TV Shows that I Watch
Law & Order (original, LA, SVU)
The Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods
(I miss LOST!)

Three Places I have Been (only 3?)
Paris, France
California and 35 other states

Three of My Favorite Foods
Mom’s spaghetti sauce
Maggio’s pizza
French Toast

Three Things I am looking forward to
Going back to France
Publishing a book
Being able to retire

Three Things that are ALWAYS by my side
The book I’m reading
A pen and paper


The Never-Ending TO DO List 23 July 2010

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Denise says:

Sunshine introduced me to the idea of a running “TO DO” list back in college, oh so many eons ago. (We are old.) Hers was in a little notebook, and she kept adding to it. I make mine on a piece of paper, usually errands for the weekend or occasionally what needs to be copied for school each day of the week. There really is great satisfaction in checking things off of the list. (I check off. Sunshine crosses out. Wonder what that means, checking vs. crossing?)

Then there are the lists that keep growing. What starts out as “grade papers, Post Office, Target” written in a neat, bulleted list becomes a scribbled, multi-colored mess.

Or last week, this:

It started as what needed to be done before going to Seattle for the PNWA conference. A few items got added to the back. Then I reiterated and added some details to my Alumni responsibilities on the yellow Post-It note. That also has some notes on the back, including the address and phone number for my hotel here. As the list got smaller, a few items kept escaping me so they were rewritten on the star Post-It on the very top (in red caps!).

Thankfully it’s done because I don’t have any Post-Its that are any smaller!

Sunshine says:

I do LOVE my running To-Do lists, even though they stress me out from time to time. There is great satisfaction in marking things off my list, but when things are constantly being added, it can become a bit discouraging at times. A new thing I find myself doing lately is creating new lists in addition to my primary running list. Don’t know why I’m doing it, but there wind up being duplicates when I compare the lists, and I just add the items to the original list anyway.

As far as the checking off items on the list vs. drawing a line (or several) through them, I use the drawing the line method because if an item is marked through, my eye is more quickly drawn to the remaining items I must complete. I’ve even started using an asterisk and highlighter to mark things I’d like to accomplish in a particular day. Not that I get it all done, but it makes me feel closer to getting it done. Crazy, I know!

Here’s a photo of my most current list, which I’ll be rewriting today. It’s a mess, but this is how they usually end up looking until I can’t stand it anymore and I rewrite them. I actually have two other smaller lists to add to this one, as well.


Listography 20 May 2009

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I love to journal. It’s fun and can be therapeutic. (It’s much safer to vent there about work than at school.) My friend Lauren started me on it in 11th grade. I wrote religiously every day through the rest of high school and was pretty consistent through college. (All 8 years. 😉 But hey, I got two degrees! ) I’ve been trying to write more as a means of getting into the habit for writing as an author, but that has mostly come through blogging.

Last year I found a new book in the journal section of Barnes and Noble. (Because even though I don’t journal regularly, and I already have half a dozen blank books, I have to check out what’s new and occasionally buy one I just can’t resist. 😉 ) Listography provides a guided journal through making lists. Actually, their tagline is something like “write your autobiography in lists”. It was so clever I had to buy it (see? 😉 ) and was instantly hooked. I filled in a quarter of the book in like two days.

Then I went to their website. Not only can I make cool lists, I could now put them online and share them with other compulsive list-makers! Like today I felt compelled to list what perfumes I have worn over the years. (I’m thinking about getting a new one, DKNY’s Blossom: Be Delicious, even though I still love Tommy Bahama, and I just got a new bottle of it.) I love perfume. 🙂

Maud joined, too, and it’s lots of fun. Won’t you join us? 🙂