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Denise: Threes of Me 5 December 2010

This is going around Facebook as a note. We thought it’d be fun to post it here, too. 😀

Three Nicknames
(That’s it, and only a few people call me that. Never had a nickname.)

Three Jobs I’ve had in my Life
Bookseller @BN
Grocery store Cashier

Three Places I have Lived
Philadelphia, PA
Tempe, AZ
Phoenix, AZ

Three Favorite Drinks
Sweet Tea
Margarita – on the rocks, no salt
Pinot Noir

Three TV Shows that I Watch
Law & Order (original, LA, SVU)
The Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods
(I miss LOST!)

Three Places I have Been (only 3?)
Paris, France
California and 35 other states

Three of My Favorite Foods
Mom’s spaghetti sauce
Maggio’s pizza
French Toast

Three Things I am looking forward to
Going back to France
Publishing a book
Being able to retire

Three Things that are ALWAYS by my side
The book I’m reading
A pen and paper


Julie Powell: Cooking, Blogging, Cheating, Cleaving, Reading 15 December 2009

Julie Powell of Julie and Julia fame came to the Free Library of Philadelphia to promote her second book, Cleaving: A Story of Meat, Marriage and Obsession. I think she was surprised by the turn-out – she did a double-take when she came out from behind the curtain onto the stage. (She also tripped a little when she got to the podium which was totally cute.) I think she was really nervous because she had a hard time looking at the audience. I don’t blame her – there were 300 people there sitting in an auditorium, all staring at her!

Julie explained her story: how she came up with the Julie and Julia project, how it took on a life of its own, how it became a Nora Ephron movie starring Meryl Streep (which she mentioned several times – Amy Adams not so much! ;-)), how her life changed so much after the fame and fortune. She likened it to winning the lottery, how she “put her numbers in and hit big”, but the lottery doesn’t fix your problems. Julie was building up to what we’ve heard about the new book, that she had an affair and the foray into butchery was her way of dealing with it and her unraveling marriage.

Julie prefaced her reading by warning people that it’s very different from Julie and Julia, that it’s much darker. She said if J&J is Nora Ephron then Cleaving would be (some David guy I never heard of and now I can’t remember). She even said, “You will hate me.” We laughed, and she said, “No really. People love Eric Powell” and in the book she did some bad things to Eric Powell.

She read a passage about learning to butcher (is that how you say it?), and when she mentioned cutting her thumb (after telling us how you have to be careful about your fingers getting numb so you don’t cut them off without feeling it), everyone gasped. She looked up, surprised, and laughed. “That’s nothing!” So I’m guessing we’ll find out about other injuries while reading. 😉 But her reaction is why I love reading out loud to my students – the reaction when they get it.

By now she was more relaxed. (She even joked about being terrible at speaking “off the cuff”. Not true though.) Then she talked a little more about her affair. She said she should have known the guy was no good because he had absolutely no interest in cooking. (He also didn’t like dogs. What’s wrong with that?) During Q&A (which she said is her favorite part – “I’m really good at that!”), someone asked if it was hard to write about something so personal, to be so brutally honest and “put it out there”. She replied, “People who use their lives as creative fodder do it bcs it is just necessary… to understand it.” So like she had to do it to get through it and figure out what happened. Reminds me of the benefits of journalling (except I would never publish them ;-)).

This idea was reiterated when someone asked for advice about finding a project. She said you just have to find something that means a lot to you so that you will turn off that Editor in your brain that says, ‘You stink, you’re no good, you may as well quit now.’ By this point I was nodding, thinking of my own blog “project”.

Another question came from a fellow Texan who blogs about the connection between food and love. Julie had already talked about feeling bad while butchering because she was always thinking about her affair (which was already over) and not about her marriage. She realized it was because Eric was so intertwined in her life she couldn’t fathom him not being there, even though they had been apart and even technically separated. Basically she rook him for granted, but they worked it out. (She said so, and she was wearing a wedding ring.) The blogger asked for Julie’s thoughts on the food and love, to which she replied, “Cooking requires a kind of trust that is also required for loving someone.” Everyone approved.

I was able to get a good spot in the line though it seemed like most people just left. Sunshine had asked me to tell Julie she couldn’t be there (probably as a joke, but I said it anyway!) because she was stuck getting her house ready for a Christmas visit from the in-laws. Julie laughed. Good one, Sunshine! And wait til you see what she wrote in your book! (I won’t spoil it here. ;-))

Definitely see Julie Powell if she comes to your town!


FYI, BK blocks FB 22 July 2009

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 Sunshine and I had a blogging date this afternoon.  (We didn’t get to write together in NY, so we decided to chat on the phone and type on the Internet.  Challenging.)  I tried to get a room at the library, but unlike last year when I was there every day, this summer they are always full.  (Darned recession.)  Internet access at home is spotty for me (I guess that’s what happens when you’re pirating your neighbor’s unsecured wireless connection ;-)) so I headed to Burger King since they are always advertising their free Internet service. 

 I was not pleased to see the “Internet cafe” was right next to the indoor (?) playground.  It was extremely loud.  But at least I was able to get a table next to an outlet.  Then Sunshine texted me that she had gotten a phone call from her distraught cousin-in-law who just got dumped, so she might be a while.  No problem, I replied, I’ll just go on Facebook and check on my Farm Town farm

No can do, buckaroo.  Burger King blocks Facebook.  And mySpace – I checked.  Maybe they don’t want teenagers hogging their computers for hours (which, BTW, who knew they had their own computers there to use?), but why can’t I access it on my own computer?  Don’t you want me to stay there longer so I might buy another drink, or some of your new Otis Spunkmeyer cookies?  Surely there is a way to block it on their desktops but not on wireless laptops!  Or, make people log-in (even if it’s free), and they can’t be on for more than an hour, like the library does.  And if you feel nice, you can offer 10 minute extensions, too. 

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Threaded Comments 21 May 2009

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We enabled the new threaded comments/discussion feature. You can reply directly to a comment and it will appear right under the comment instead of at the bottom of all the comments. You have to click the “reply” link next to the person’s name, and a new page will load that says, “Replying to (name in bold)”. Let us know what you think!


A Blog is Born 17 May 2009

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We’ve been texting a lot since Denise’s trip to AZ a few weeks ago. We were like, “Why didn’t we think of this before?” As you know, we are both aspiring authors and dream of having a book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. The idea of blogging has been bandied about for quite a while. Here’s what transpired this morning:

D: Blog idea: we are both admins and write stuff we write in emails, and our friends could comment.

S: The French actor is Jean Reno…I’ve always thought he was hot. Ever since I saw him in The Professional.

S: The blog ideas sound interesting. I need to start doing something productive. How would the first idea work?

D: Well I know on WordPress you can invite other users to post so we could both write things. We could just tell stories, like Get This or Remember This.

D: We could get Andrea and Maud to read it. Andrea comments on my school one a lot. Our other friends could read it. It’s taken almost a year but other ppl read

D: and comment on my school blog. We could do our reactions to stuff like pop culture and politics.

S: That sounds cool…and it could turn into a book!

Et voila, here we are!



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Welcome to Deux Filles! Follow the adventures and relive the good times of Sunshine and Denise, two BFFs who met during French class at Arizona State (yes, really, French class in the heart of Old Mexico) but now live 2,500 miles apart.