deux filles

The Adventures and Musings of 2 BFFs Separated by a Continent

Our Friendship 17 May 2009

we are friends for life.
when we’re together the years fall away.
isn’t that what matters?
to have someone who can remember with you?
to have someone who remembers how far you’ve come?

~ judy blume

I was working at Varsity Books before the Spring Semester started.  A girl came in and went all the way to the end of the main aisle, which I knew was the French section.  Remaining aloof, which was required at this store 😉 I watched her pick up some books.  When she brought them to the register, I couldn’t decide if I should say something, because I was taking the same class, and I knew it was the only section offered of FRE 321.  I did, and we’ve been friends ever since.

Ok, I can’t remember how I met anyone from ASU, except my husband (that’s a story for another day), so I’ll have to take your word for it. I definitely remember the bookstore and its owner, Bob. By the way, the sanctity of our meeting place has been destroyed and replaced by a trendy clothing and accessories store called “Here on the Corner”. It is now a place where ASU girls flighty fancies of fashion are satisfied.

Darn you, Bob!  And, did you know he defected to ASU Bookstore? I woulda bought that bookstore if i had the money!!


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