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The Adventures and Musings of 2 BFFs Separated by a Continent

Denise 17 May 2009

Denise posts as deniselouise13

What you need to know about me:

I’m a Libra through and through. Also an Ox. 😉

I’m German; I hold a grudge. I also have a bad jealous streak that is mostly under control. 😉 And reddish highlights.

My pet peeves are gum cracking, mouth breathers, bad drivers and stupid people.

I’m an artist and a writer.

I love cats.

I love France and all things French.

I speak three languages.

My toenails are always painted.

I have a tattoo. 🙂 Just one. I want another but I don’t know where to put it so I figure that’s a sign not to get one.

I believe in signs.

I love to read. I read as much as I can squeeze in during the school year and then go nuts in the summer. Last summer I read 20 books.

I wrote a picture book about my cat, and started a second. (There’s a whole series planned; I want to be the next Fancy Nancy.)

My manuscript placed 77th in the Writer’s Digest Annual Competition last year for the Children’s/Young Adult category.

I teach fifth grade, and every year there’s a parent who hates my guts. This year I have at least three.

I don’t want to be a principal. (See previous comment about parents.)

If I win the lottery, I’m moving to France!


6 Responses to “Denise”

  1. JC Says:

    three languages?? jealous…

  2. Maud Says:

    and if I win the lottery, I’m moving to Spain!… greener pastures and so on…

    • Hey, after this day at work, I’m going ANYWHERE but here!!!

      They don’t pay me enough to get SCREAMED at by eleven year-olds who are too fucking lazy to THINK on a test, even though they already showed they could do the work correctly for the past 4 weeks. Idiots. I am genuinely concerned for the future of this country.

  3. Jan Says:

    OKAY i have definitely been here before. It looks easy enough to start a blog. On the course I am taking it looks like people started it for the class and then done! Thanks for sharing yours, it should get me started!

    • NP, Jan! Happy to help. 😀 WordPress is very easy to use, and they have tons of themes to choose from. I would love to see what you do even if it’s just for your class!

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