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Americana 18 June 2010

In Pennsylvania we have these pesky things called beer stores. Unlike Arizona, you can NOT buy alcohol at the grocery store. And if you want wine or hard liquor, you have to go to a different store, the (brilliantly named) Wine and Spirits store.

When I was a kid, we also bought soda from the beer store. (Who am I kidding with “also” – that’s the only reason we went. A case of beer lasted three years in my house because it was only used to make beer bread. When they started putting expiration dates, unopened cans got thrown away.) And, my dad bought his lottery tickets there. Apparently they also sell cigarettes.

Beer, cigarettes, the lottery and baseball: God Bless America.


A Little Too Late 12 December 2009

I guess we’re getting into this blog thing too late. I’m 100 pages into Julie and Julia, which is only Day 42 of her project, and she’s already being interviewed by a magazine (who is bringing Julia Child’s editor to her apartment!). She said she got 36 hits on her first day which was just before the first anniversary of 9/11. So, I figure we’re about seven years too late, and there are too many blogs, and that’s why it’s so hard to get people to follow. Sigh.


From the Dr. Oz Website: Swine Flu Prevention 23 October 2009

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Something fierce is going around my school. I got my flu shot, but not the swine flu vaccination yet. As a newly-full-fledged germophobe, here are some tips from Dr. Oz to avoid getting sick!

Stay safe, people!


FYI, BK blocks FB 22 July 2009

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 Sunshine and I had a blogging date this afternoon.  (We didn’t get to write together in NY, so we decided to chat on the phone and type on the Internet.  Challenging.)  I tried to get a room at the library, but unlike last year when I was there every day, this summer they are always full.  (Darned recession.)  Internet access at home is spotty for me (I guess that’s what happens when you’re pirating your neighbor’s unsecured wireless connection ;-)) so I headed to Burger King since they are always advertising their free Internet service. 

 I was not pleased to see the “Internet cafe” was right next to the indoor (?) playground.  It was extremely loud.  But at least I was able to get a table next to an outlet.  Then Sunshine texted me that she had gotten a phone call from her distraught cousin-in-law who just got dumped, so she might be a while.  No problem, I replied, I’ll just go on Facebook and check on my Farm Town farm

No can do, buckaroo.  Burger King blocks Facebook.  And mySpace – I checked.  Maybe they don’t want teenagers hogging their computers for hours (which, BTW, who knew they had their own computers there to use?), but why can’t I access it on my own computer?  Don’t you want me to stay there longer so I might buy another drink, or some of your new Otis Spunkmeyer cookies?  Surely there is a way to block it on their desktops but not on wireless laptops!  Or, make people log-in (even if it’s free), and they can’t be on for more than an hour, like the library does.  And if you feel nice, you can offer 10 minute extensions, too. 

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dogs 30 June 2009

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I’m at the vet with Lily, and this greyhound next to me has not stopped barking for ONE HOUR. His owner just singsongs, “Oh, stop.” He came over to my seat, and I snapped my fingers at him, and guess what? He stopped. Think he would respond if I used the dog-training voice I use on the kids at school: “STOP.” Is it wrong to discipline other people’s pets?

Remember the time we were in the Customer Service line at Wal*Mart, and some kid was banging on the ATM? He was like three, and his mother was totally ignoring him while she talked to the clerk. We were both giving him dirty looks and shaking our heads, and you said, “No wonder the ATM is always broken.” He started getting loud, and his mother told him to stop, but he didn’t. (Probably because she didn’t even turn around to look at him when she spoke.) He kept doing it, and then I went over to him and said, “Your mom asked you to stop. You need to stop kicking the machine.” (Oh, right, because instead of just banging on the keyboard like a Fisher Price piano, he was now kicking it, too.) He stopped and just stared at us. Finally his mom came over to get him and made him stand at the counter with her. I’m surprised she didn’t say anything to us!

Hallelujah, she took the dog outside. The silence is deafening. I forgot they had the radio on!

Thank you for reminding me why I don’t like dogs.

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