deux filles

The Adventures and Musings of 2 BFFs Separated by a Continent

A Year in the Merde 2 April 2010

We are definitely living in the wrong country. From p. 29, when the waiters go on strike in the middle of lunch:

I saw that I was witnessing an important lesson in Parisian life: I mustn’t try to make people like me. That’s much too English. You’ve got to show them that you don’t give a shit what they think. Only then will you get what you want. I’d been doing it all wrong, trying to win people over. If you smile too much, they think you’re retarded.

Is that like not looking a dog in the eye to exert yourself as the alpha dog? 😉 And do you think teachers could get away with this “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude? Because it’s surely not working here.