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Scotch Tape Manicure 3 June 2012

When Maud came to visit from France last summer, she brought all kinds of cool manicure tools with her.  Then she showed us all these websites she uses for ideas, and we were hooked.  It took me a little longer to catch on since my nails were always breaking and splitting, but since starting a B Vitamin supplement a few months ago, they are long and strong!  And now that we’re all on Pinterest, inspiration abounds!

I saw really cool manicure on Pinterest and couldn’t imagine how she made the design. I followed the link and had to click around the website, but eventually found out she uses Scotch Tape of all kinds of designs from French tips to sunburst rays! So. Very. Cool.

Of course you know I had to try it. Here’s how mine turned out:

Scotch Tape Manicure!

I even went out and bought Seche Vite top coat. Or SV as it’s known in the Nail World. Can’t wait to try another design!