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Denise’s Egg McMuffin 21 November 2010

Here’s my version of an Egg McMuffin:

First, drizzle some olive oil on an English Muffin before toasting. (This adds some flavor and gets you some “good” fat.)

When they’re done, cover with shredded Cheddar Jack cheese. Then pile on some cottage cheese.

On top, add a poached egg, seasoned to taste.



3 Responses to “Denise’s Egg McMuffin”

  1. Babygirl Says:

    This actually looks like an adult, way better than McDonalds version, sandwich. Nice.

    • Thanks! It was soooo good. It’s extra yummy if the outside of the muffin is crunchy but the center is soft from the olive oil. I hadn’t made it with the OO in a while and can’t believe I ever skipped it!

  2. […] them instead of an English Muffin with poached eggs! Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post.   Leave a […]

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