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Americana 18 June 2010

In Pennsylvania we have these pesky things called beer stores. Unlike Arizona, you can NOT buy alcohol at the grocery store. And if you want wine or hard liquor, you have to go to a different store, the (brilliantly named) Wine and Spirits store.

When I was a kid, we also bought soda from the beer store. (Who am I kidding with “also” – that’s the only reason we went. A case of beer lasted three years in my house because it was only used to make beer bread. When they started putting expiration dates, unopened cans got thrown away.) And, my dad bought his lottery tickets there. Apparently they also sell cigarettes.

Beer, cigarettes, the lottery and baseball: God Bless America.


4 Responses to “Americana”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I suggest you move to Connecticut! (Hint, hint!!!) 🙂 We CAN buy beer/liquor in the grocery stores here which is a nice change from the Puritan state of NJ which has the same laws as PA! 🙂 However, no liquor is sold on Sundays… all day long! (They cover the shelves up with a big tarp to signal to you that buying on Sunday is a big no-no!) So if you want to have a beer for a Sunday sports event, you better buy it during the week or you’ll be on your way to the liquor store! It’s funny seeing how the states differ, isn’t it?

    • When I first moved back, I wanted some Mike’s Hard Cranberry. I went to the wine store because I thought it was more like a wine cooler; not only did they not have it, they had never heard of it. (Really?) Thankfully there was a beer store in the same strip mall so I walked down. They had it, but sold it by the case – 24 bottles. I hemmed and hawed, then finally gave in – to go home and drink ONE. I took Mike’s Cranberry with me to every party for the next two years just to get rid of it. 😉 It’s a racket! Everyone totally blames it on the PA Board of Liquor; I think they actually own the liquor stores so they don’t want to lose out on all that money.

  2. Sunshine Says:

    I don’t drink often (ok, hardly at all anymore), but I would find it annoying if I had to go to a different store for alcohol. It’s like they’ve segregated all the “evil” stuff to one location. LOL

    • I hardly ever buy anything either, and it’s exactly annoying as you think it is. And when you do want something, like just a six-pack, you have to buy a whole case! How does that not promote alcoholism? 😉

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