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My Fair Lazy 20 May 2010

Jen Lancaster stopped in Philly this week for her My Fair Lazy book tour! She was funny as usual. 😉 For the reading part of the evening, she read us the passage about when she went to buy her first car.

Of course someone asked where Fletch was, and she said he’s not allowed to “help” anymore because he doesn’t really help. Apparently at an event in Chicago, the store was understaffed and she told him to help set up. Fletch said he was busy; she was like, Doing what??? He said, “They want my autograph.” That did not sit well with Jen, but we thought it was hilarious.

When we finally got to meet Jen of course I forgot everything I wanted to say. When I said, “Hi, how are you?”, she asked me back and I squeaked out, “Good, allergies,” because I had almost completely lost my voice. She said, “Oh, sorry!” and I replied, “No, it’s okay, I just want you to know I’m not sick!” Now she thinks I’m a weirdo.

I did ask her about whose house they were at for the big dinner at the end of the book because I thought she was dropping hints to avoid naming names but I couldn’t figure it out. She said it wasn’t anybody famous, that she wasn’t trying to be “cagey”. I was like, Oh, okay. Then she said, “It’s not like when I didn’t say my landlord was Bill (B something? Like Bellichek?). I’m sure he loved people going up to him and saying, ‘Hey you’re Jen Lancaster’s landlord!’ ” We laughed.

Then when she signed Sunshine’s book, I started to tell her about the whole “Phoenix is a cultural black hole” joke. (After meeting Jen two years ago, and then Jennifer Weiner and Julie Powell last year, Sunshine called Phoenix a Cultural Black Hole because no famous authors were going there – or at least those three didn’t.) Jen said, “I’ve been to Phoenix.” I knew she mentioned Scottsdale in the book, but she continued, “I went there two years ago.” I just said, “Oh, I guess she missed you then.” And then my turn was up.

Though I did ask for a picture!