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Julie and Julia: The Movie 27 December 2009

I finally finished reading Julie and Julia, so now I can see the movie! 😉 I already know it’s going to be different just from what I remember in the commercial – Julia isn’t in the book that much! So hopefully it won’t annoy me like Revolutionary Road did.

At the book signing, someone asked a question about it being difficult to “let go” of the book and have someone change it into a movie. She said No, and then added, “So are you asking me what I didn’t like about the movie?” We all laughed, and she hemmed and hawed, til she finally said there are three things she doesn’t like about the movie. But, while telling the second one, she amended it to four.

#1 The scene at the beginning where Amy Adams is sitting around with all of friends just shooting the shit and they get in an argument. Julie said that would never happen – the sitting around or the arguing. But, she said she understood they had to do it to set up the movie.

#2 When Amy Adams walks by a chocolate fountain (to which Julie commented, “Isn’t that so 90s, a chocolate fountain??”) and says, “I think I’ll make …” Julie said that never happened, and it was so totally lame and something she would never ever do or say.

#3 When she makes the beef bourginon for Julia Child’s editor, in the book the newspaper guy still came over but in the movie he didn’t. Julie didn’t understand why they changed that.

And of course #4 escapes me but hopefully it will come back when I watch the movie, and then I’ll add it here. 😉


One Response to “Julie and Julia: The Movie”

  1. Six months later and I still haven’t seen the movie… Oops. 😀

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