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Look what I did 10 December 2009

Filed under: Denise — deniselouise13 @ 9:01 pm

Yes, it’s purple. I love it. My students go nuts every time they see it. Totally fun. 🙂


6 Responses to “Look what I did”

  1. Sunshine Says:

    I LOVE it! Now I want one!

    • You should! I liked it in college when you got the dark red highlights, and also that wash you had last April. You could do the wash with a chunk! Hmmm, how about purple or magenta? 😉

      • Sunshine Says:

        Yeah, I should do SOMETHING with it! Now is the perfect time since I don’t have a job, so it wouldn’t be too “shocking” to an employer.

  2. Maud Says:

    I LOVE it!! Why just one?

    • Thanks! 🙂 Just one because that is shocking enough. This was my compromise to satisfy my (ongoing) whim to make it burgundy with fire-engine red highlights. (Which would probably look ridiculous anyway.) I joked with my stylist about how I made my avatars on Facebook games have purple hair, and she suggested the peek-a-boo chunk. I love it!

      Looking at this picture, I can see why my students accused me of dyeing my hair black. Wow, it is dark! 😉

  3. […] School’s out. Summer’s here. My purple peek-a-boo chunk is now fuschia! […]

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