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Am I Being Stingy? 28 November 2009

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Last year I decided I was no longer buying presents for my cousins’ children. I hardly ever see them (except for holidays or their birthdays), and their parents – my cousins – can’t be bothered to send me a card/email/FB wall post for my birthday. Now, I’m the oldest cousin, and all through college, I sent them birthday cards, Halloween cards, Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day cards, Easter cards, just-for-fun cards, and ten-page letters. I got letters back and Christmas cards. Eventually (ten years later, and after we all had email but still didn’t write) I stopped.

Then they had kids. At first I sent cards and gifts, but I never got a thank you note, or even an email letting me know the gift arrived. (I started using Delivery Confirmation.) Now that those girls are old enough to write, still they don’t send thank yous. (My mom still sends gifts; I don’t know why. Probably because she doesn’t have her own grandchildren, but that’s her own fault and another story for another day. You reap what you sow.) Two more cousins have had babies in the past two years, and at first I bought them presents, but combined with the other, last year I realized, “Why?”

So today I am not spending five hours in a car driving to and from BFE for a first birthday party. Am I being stingy, or am I justified?

They say “you get what you give” (you reap what you sow?), but what about when you give money and time for years and years and get nothing in return? That’s why I’m now giving what they gave me: Nothing.


The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane 27 November 2009

Sunshine and I both love to read. In college we spent hours browsing for new books at Borders. Now that we live on opposite ends of the country, we still find books that we know the other will like. (Books can be expensive to mail unless you remember to use Media Mail!)

Sunshine’s latest recommendation was The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe. I just finished it, and it was phenomenal. It’s the kind of book you don’t want to end. I’ve come to realize I really enjoy historical fiction. This one uses the witches of Salem as its central theme. It bounces back between the past and the present to solve a mystery. In that regard it reminded me so much of one of my favorite books, The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier. (I liked it a thousand times more than Girl With a Pearl Earring, which is good, too.) I can’t understand why the bookseller at Barnes and Noble told me she had a hard time getting into it, and she had to put it down several times because it was boring. I love Barnes and Noble, but obviously my friends know me better – I’ll take Sunshine’s recommendations any day!

So I guess next I should read Julie and Julia which Sunshine sent to me before she knew it was going to be a movie. She’s a literary savant!


Turkey Day Scrapping

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I’m watching the Black Friday Law & Order marathon on TNT. Suddenly I’m missing the X-Files marathons I used to watch on Thanksgiving Day. Twelve hours of Mulder, Scully, the Cigarette Smoking Man and the paranormal. I would tilt the TV on the shelf so I could see it from the dining room table where I set up all my scrapbook stuff. Then I spent all day scrapping and watching X-Files. The first year I made eight pages, and I’m pretty sure I made as many the next year. It was my own little Thanksgiving tradition.


Get off the phone! 20 November 2009

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I had to take my car to the dealer for inspection and to fix the electric window that wouldn’t go up. Oh yeah, and to find why the Maintenance Required light kept flashing. Since it was an all-day affair, my mom met me to drop my car off the night before (causing major stress about the broken window), drove me to work the next morning, and then took me to pick up the car after school.

When we got to the dealer, there weren’t a lot of places to park. My mom tried to get near the Service Department door, but at the last minute we saw there were none so she turned sharply into a spot to park. The car next to her was on the white line so it was kinda close. The girl in said car was blabbing on the phone and checking herself out in the visor mirror. So when she saw us, she looked back in a real exaggerated way to make sure we hadn’t hit her and then flipped up her mirror. We just stared at her. So my mild-mannered mother beeped her horn and made the same exasperated “What?” kind of hand gestures as the girl had. She gave us a nasty look and rolled her eyes, so my mom backed up and parked way over into the next spot on purpose so the girl wouldn’t hit her car whenever she decided to get out.

We went inside to get my car, and when we came back out, the girl was out of her car talking to two people. I got my bag out of my mom’s car, and then the girl said something to my mom about how she parked. (Because the people she was talking to had parked on the other side and had no room.) My mom was like, “Excuse me? I had to do it because of how YOU parked.”

And the bitch started laughing. I guess she was dropping off her car because she got in the other car and left. We stood there and stared them down to make sure they didn’t hit my mom’s car. Then I was just so annoyed; she was just so high and mighty stuck on herself, she needed to be taken down a peg.

So, I decided to write her a note. I was inspired by Sunshine’s “Mental handicaps don’t count” note for an able-bodied bimbo who parked in a handicapped spot sans sticker or hang-tag. I said, “Take a break from the phone, Princess. Then maybe you won’t get brain cancer. (If you have one.)” When I put it on her windshield I saw she had NJ inspection stickers so I added, “Go back to New Jersey.” Hopefully the guys working on her car leave the note there!