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College Day! 21 October 2009

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Every other Wednesday we have Wacky Wednesday. The kids use tickets they earned for good behaviour to participate in Pajama Day, Wacky Hat Day, Twin Day, Sunglasses Day, Sports Team Day, Inside-Out Day, and so on. Every year they ask for ideas for a new day. Two years ago I read about a school where everyone wore a shirt from a different city/state/country to celebrate Geography Week, so I suggested Geography Day.

Then over the summer when I was reading There Are No Shortcuts by Rafe Esquith, and I was thinking about taking my class on a field trip to local colleges, it hit me – College Day! What better way to get our kids thinking about college than to ask them to wear college gear!

We had our first one today. Not many kids had stuff to wear, but all the teachers did. 🙂 Thanks to Sunshine, I had ASU Crocs…


and a Sparky Sun Devil foam head!!!!


Combined with my maroon ASU t-shirt, from far away a few teachers thought I was decked out for the Phillies. I said, “Nope! ASU is Maroon and Gold!” Go Devils!


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