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Salty and Sweet 6 August 2009

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I’m enjoying some hot-air-popped popcorn. Remember my hot air popper? I left it in my classroom in Arizona (I thought it would make a nice gift – she was probably like. “What the heck is this??”), and it took a while (like a year!) to find one here. I use it a lot at school – it makes a great impromptu snack or behavior reward! I’m so known for making popcorn that I chose a popcorn-motif to decorate my door with the kids’ names. (Their names went on the popped kernels, and little Batman-like “kapow” bursts went in between. Then there was a pot with popcorn overflowing, and my name went there. The title was, “Look who popped in.” Ha ha, corny, I know. But I hate that crap. Anyway.) I melted butter to pour over it, and you introduce me to pepper with the salt I still use it. Dee-lish!

I was wondering if I had anything sweet, but I didn’t want an Almond Hershey bar. That made me remember how we’d go through a bag of pretzels and Hershey Kisses because salty and sweet are so good together! I do believe we even discussed this phenomenon. (Undoubtedly, since we talked about anything and everything for hours and occasionally tried to retrace the flow of the conversation because we didn’t understand how we started out talking about one thing and ended up on something completely opposite. We tend to free associate I guess.)

Hey that reminds me of…


2 Responses to “Salty and Sweet”

  1. Sunshine Says:

    Odd, cuz I was just munching chocolate covered pretzels!

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