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dogs 30 June 2009

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I’m at the vet with Lily, and this greyhound next to me has not stopped barking for ONE HOUR. His owner just singsongs, “Oh, stop.” He came over to my seat, and I snapped my fingers at him, and guess what? He stopped. Think he would respond if I used the dog-training voice I use on the kids at school: “STOP.” Is it wrong to discipline other people’s pets?

Remember the time we were in the Customer Service line at Wal*Mart, and some kid was banging on the ATM? He was like three, and his mother was totally ignoring him while she talked to the clerk. We were both giving him dirty looks and shaking our heads, and you said, “No wonder the ATM is always broken.” He started getting loud, and his mother told him to stop, but he didn’t. (Probably because she didn’t even turn around to look at him when she spoke.) He kept doing it, and then I went over to him and said, “Your mom asked you to stop. You need to stop kicking the machine.” (Oh, right, because instead of just banging on the keyboard like a Fisher Price piano, he was now kicking it, too.) He stopped and just stared at us. Finally his mom came over to get him and made him stand at the counter with her. I’m surprised she didn’t say anything to us!

Hallelujah, she took the dog outside. The silence is deafening. I forgot they had the radio on!

Thank you for reminding me why I don’t like dogs.

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4 Responses to “dogs”

  1. Noturus Says:

    lol I agree that its annoying and frustrating when others don’t control their dogs (or kids!). But the joys of a well trained dog (or kid) are many and deep.

  2. Deb Says:

    People treat their dogs like kids these days, so it doesn’t surprise me that the owner didn’t really care.

    I, on the other hand, hate when Earl barks and/or whines when I’m out in public. I feel it reflects badly on me as an owner. I should be the alpha dog and he should listen to me (though, he doesn’t 50% of time, like today *grr*) Though, I know he’s whining cuz he wants to meet and play with the other animals. If he could be let off the leash, he’d shut up. But then, he’d start jumping up on people and that’s a whole other fiasco (like the woman that came in a WHITE jumpsuit to a doggie meetup and started to yell at Earl – then, not even a year old. Who the F wears white to a dog meetup!?!?!)

    I also hate ‘yappy’ dogs. I just don’t get how it doesn’t bother the owners. I guess they become immune to it, but the rest of the world doesn’t! I.E. the dogs next-door that bark and bark at 6.30AM and their owner just leaves them out there for like an hour.

    Dog owners (and parents) need to take responsibility. Just because you can adopt or buy a dog (or get preggo and have kids), doesn’t mean you should.

  3. Sunshine Says:

    People are extremely rude when it comes to their kids and pets. Remember my stories of how my SIL would bring her Lab to our house, never clean up its poop, allow it to chase and scare the Hell out of our cats (in their own home!), break my belongings, and dig up my plants. The only comments I would get are akin to, “I hope you didn’t like that plant!”. It’s ridiculous and sometimes you DO need to discipline other people’s pets and kids. Hey, if they won’t do, I WILL!

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