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My Summer Purse 28 May 2009

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Hey Sunshine, tell your mom I’m stealing her idea about using lots of little bags to keep her purse organized. 🙂

L.L. Bean Summer Garden Boat and Tote

L.L. Bean Summer Garden Boat and Tote

I bought a new tote @L.L.Bean, and I decided to use it as my summer purse. (It’s beautimous – fuchsia bag with navy straps and a navy print of tulips.) But, it has no pockets, and I need pockets. So I’ve got three Clinique bags in there holding stuff, and I make sure my keys go in front of everything so I know where they are.



2 Responses to “My Summer Purse”

  1. Maud Says:

    This is too pink (sorry fuschia) for my taste… but I love the tulips! I try to only buy handbags with lots of inside pockets. It helps me stay organize. My most recent one is a great one from Esprit with five inside pockets and a cord stitched to the inside. I can attach my keys to it. No more lost keys in the mess of a purse, I love it!

    I do use small bags too. One where I put aspirin tablets, band aids, wipes, mint essential oil… well, you get it. Another one for make up essentials: Carmex, powder, tinted lip gloss. And then the one with a notebook, a sudoku book, kleenexes, pens.

    • Yes, it is VERY pink. 😉 It hasn’t exactly worked out the way I expected. I ended up putting a very small purse in as one of the bags to hold my wallet (because I got annoyed of carrying my wallet into stores in my hand), and I’ve ended up just carrying that around instead. Oh well. Summer just started, so we’ll see how it goes! 😉

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