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Check out Shelfari! 25 May 2009

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I came across Shelfari while browsing book blogs.  It is perfect for book-a-holics like us! You make a bookshelf that shows the actual covers of the books you’ve read, are reading, or want to read. Then you can rate the book and write an opinion. The coolest feature may be that you can use it like your own personal card catalog and keep track of who you loan your books to!

Check it out! And then tell us so we can link up on the site! 🙂


3 Responses to “Check out Shelfari!”

  1. Maud Says:

    Thanks, I love it! Much better than the WeRead application on FB…

    • There is a FB app for Shelfari, too! I activated it, but I didn’t get to see what it looks like on my FB page. I have 50 million books to add!!! (Almost literally.)

      • Maud Says:

        Nice, I’ll check it out. And I have like 1 milion books to add ;)… only.
        By the way, loving your new layout: brown and green, love it!

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